Have Your Say In City Of Chilliwack Budget

Chilliwack – Chilliwackians can have their say in how the City spends your tax dollars and what priorities there are.

The 2019 Financial Survey is on the City website and it part states:

Chilliwack City Council is developing the 2019 – 2028 Financial Plan for the City and is seeking input from the community. City Council must balance and prioritize the needs of the City while considering a reasonable tax levy to its residents. Your responses will provide Council with information on current community priorities, which services you consider most valuable and other financial planning considerations.
From City Services, Community events, policing, social issues , transit and more, the details of your say will be tabulated.
This questionnaire can be completed in the following ways until Friday, December 21 at 4:30 pm:
Completed hard copy questionnaire (hard copies can be picked up from and returned to the Finance Department at City Hall):
Mail or drop-off: c/o Finance Department
8550 Young Rd. Chilliwack B.C. V2P 8A4
Questions? Let them know at budget@chilliwack.com

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