Ann Davis Society – 2018 Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary Winner, Marti Rogers

Chilliwack – Ann Davis Society has renamed their long time bursary in memory of a wonderful therapist. The bursary is re titled ‘The Laurel Lang Memorial Bursary’.
For most of her working life, Laurel Lang worked as a flight attendant in the Northwest Territories. It wasn’t until she was 40 years old that she decided to go back to school to pursue her love for counselling. In 2007, Laurel was hired by Ann Davis Transition Society.
She was beloved by both her clients and fellow staff members for her thoughtfulness, her generosity and her positive spirit during her time with us. In 2015, Laurel passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer.
‘Life was not easy for her. There was very little she didn’t do or hadn’t been through. Her clients were her family and despite the struggles within her own life, she always made sure her focus was helping her family’ said Laurel’s mother, Gayleen Lang.
Executive Director, Patti MacAhonic stated that “We at the Ann Davis Transition Society believe that Laurel Lang’s unmatched commitment to her clients and profession represents the objectives of the bursary perfectly. We are honored to name the endowment after her, and we are very happy to announce and congratulate the first recipient of the renamed bursary, Marti Rogers, a deserving single parent who embodies what we work towards in her studies in Social Work at the University of the Fraser Valley.”
The bursary is open to a full time student who is a single parent in a social services discipline and plans to work in the field of abuse prevention benefiting a diverse population. To apply for the bursary between May 1st and August 4th go to:
To donate to the bursary which truly makes a difference for single parents in their studies please contact our office at 604-792-2760 x 203 or email

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