2018 Municipal Election Results For The Fraser Valley – Healthy Voter Turnout

Fraser Valley – You will be able to get all the detailed results from various parts of the Valley here.

Click the link to your area of choice.

NOTE: All poll numbers remain unofficial until final verification, expected on Tuesday.

NOTE Voter Turnout 2018 compared with 2014.

Abbotsford 35.86% (35.1% in 2014)

Chilliwack 38.94%(25.57% in 2014)

Mission 31.71%(32.04% in 2014)

Civic Info BC have results for all BC elections


Mayor Henry Bruan has been re-elected. Patricia Ross, Bruce Banman, Les Barkman, Dave Loewen are Councilors re-elect.

Abbotsford Mayor Re-Elect Henry Braun


Ken Popove is Mayor -elect, Councilors Jason Lum, Chris Kloot, Sue Attrill are re-elected.

Chilliwack Mayor-elect Ken Popove


Pam Alexis is Mayor -Elect of Mission

Mission Mayor- Elect Pam Alexis


Incumbent Councilor Sylvia Pranger has been acclaimed as the District’s new Mayor

Kent District Mayor Sylvia Pranger

Harrison Hot Springs

Incumbent Mayor Leo Facio has been re-elected.

Harrison Hot Springs Mayor Re-elect Leo Facio

Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD)

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