Chilliwack Final Mayoral Debate – Minor Fireworks At The End – Your Thoughts?

Chilliwack – The final debate for the Mayoral candidates in Chilliwack was fairly stock. Seasoned politicians , Councilor Sam Waddington and Counc. Ken Popove and Mayor Sharon Gaetz were polished as expected.

The packed house at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre was equaled if not exceeded by those hundreds that were viewing on line.

Brigida Crosbie advocated on crime and women’s rights. Dave Rowan constantly admitted that he knew little of the nuts and bolts of City Hall “I don’t want to sound like a politicians ” and he kept his comments very brief.

Overall, housing, crime and the homeless were the hot button issues.

Near the end, all candidates were able to re-visit a previous questions from the Chamber of Commerce and on line questions generated from chillTV and

You can review the footage here.

Gaetz brought up the controversy over the recent spending review of Councilor Sam Waddington and that trust within council was broken. That brought a chorus of boos. One could almost feel an uncomfortable cringe among those present.  Waddington quickly turned the focus back on community.

What were your thoughts on this debate? Comment below.

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3 Comments on "Chilliwack Final Mayoral Debate – Minor Fireworks At The End – Your Thoughts?"

  1. I was pleased to see such a great turn out. Mr. Popove was the candidate who, in my opinion stayed on track, used his experience on council to respond and acknowledged that seniors’ issues should not be overshadowed by homelessness and crime. Ms. Gaetz’s ambush of Mr. Waddington was disappointing and distasteful. The moderator said that SOGI and alleged wrong doings were not being considered for questions, and yet Ms. Gaetz found a way to turn a legitimate question into an attack, with the added insult of an inappropriate “joke”. It must be remembered that the charges are alleged, and that the proper authorities are involved. Mr. Waddington took the high road and responded by getting back to the issues of developing Chilliwack. I thank everyone who has served Chilliwack by being on council or serving as Mayor, not easy jobs.

  2. I was disappointed the poll numbers were not released at the end.

    • It would have caused controversy with Elections BC as it was not a true “scientific poll” and could influence voters within the forum. The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Association would like to state the reason the last poll of the evening was terminated;

      During the last poll of the evening, the hosts determined it could not accurately calculate the statistical margin of error. As such, the poll was terminated prior to the results being calculated. We apologize for any inconvenience. Just one week to go. Thank you to all who attended our event.

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