Jared Mumford, Candidate For Chilliwack School Trustee

Chilliwack – Jared Mumford is in the running for Chilliwack School Trustee.

Municipal Election Day is Saturday October 20.

From his website, his platform:

Born and raised in Chilliwack, along with 4 other siblings. I have lived on both the South side and North side of Chilliwack, and attended University here at UFV. Raised by a single parent who worked two jobs and while earning a Master’s Degree, I learned very early the importance of humility and the value of hard work. Being in the Big Brothers and Sisters program as a child, I learned, in a very personal way, how crucial volunteering is for community health.

Resume includes:

  • 4 years volunteering in schools
  • Parent Advisory Council Chair for 2 years (current)
  • District Parent Advisory Council SD33 Executive MOL for 2 years (current)
  • BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Council Internet Safety Committee (current)
  • Partner Liaison to Chilliwack Healthier Communities (current)
  • Co-drafted 2017 BCCPAC resolution to the Ministry of Education
  • Attended various advocacy, curriculum & education workshops, particularly in Surrey where overcrowding is critical
  • Worked on a joint inclusion project with the School District, CTA & CUPE (2018)
  • Established and fostered a positive working relationship with District Staff

Jared Mumford


The core causes of overcrowding revolves around both chronic under-funding and provincial policies that do not align with the unique population growth of the lower Fraser Valley. The symptoms of this overcrowding include transportation issues, lack of student resources and space, degradation of learning conditions, disproportionate amount of portables, over-crowded classrooms, and the list goes on.

Future Infrastructure

Anyone who has visited our schools knows that we have a disproportionate amount of portables.  Some schools have more students in portables than they do in their building proper. Lack of funds and lack of approval for capital projects have been an issue for the last many years, but moving forward, land acquisition will become a major challenge as residential development continues to grow.


It is my belief that many of the divisive issues we face today in our district could have been, and still can be ameliorated with communication. Communication fosters understanding and common ground. Communication also fosters respect and a sense of community.

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