Chilliwack Candidate Campaign Sign Hit With Racist Tag (NOTE CONTENT)

Chilliwack – Campaign signs in any election are fair game for idiots and fools and pranksters. Those that think it’s amusing to hit them with graffiti.

Chilliwack Mayoral candidate Sam Waddington’s downtown office was hit by someone with a sharpie. It was innocent enough. Horns and a bad mustache scrawled on the side of the building.

Kelowna RCMP are investigating the arson of a campaign sign over the weekend in that town.

This recent incident is one that should be of grave concern.

On Wednesday night, as Louis De Jaeger was gathering his campaign team for its official fund raising launch (he is running for City Councillor), it was noted that someone scrawled “nigger” on one of his signs.

De Jaeger said he faced a similar situation in 2014 when he ran as a Liberal in the Federal election. Then, someone tag many of his signs with swastikas.

De Jaeger said to FVN : “Never been called a deNigger before. It’s better than the swasticka’s from last campaign. Racism should not be tolerated at any level.”

DeJaeger is Metis and gay and is proud of his background. He is hoping that by showing the photos, a message of tolerance may be learned.

Back in the summer, a Chilliwack man, Nick Cooper, who had a hate filled record in his long past, went out of his way to clean up racist graffiti on a bridge underpass.  Cooper said at the time, that he had changed his ways and wanted to clean up the community. Cooper told FVN that he was “saddened and shocked to hear what happened to De Jaeger’s sign.”

RCMP have yet to comment on the De Jaeger sign.

Courtesy Louis De Jaeger

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  1. Sherry Endersby | February 23, 2019 at 1:04 pm | Reply

    East Indian person into their house. They actually live in your community and they have recently initiated a support Tommy Robinson facebook petition on Facebook. I suggest you look that one up Tommy Robinson as the individual who made the original East Indian remarks also made some rather “unsavoury” commentary regarding an individual who runs a convenience store in his neighbourhood as he did not like them listening to a non-English radio station when he went into that store to buy his smokes. I think if he does not like it he could simply choose another store (perhaps a white-owned one maybe) that he might prefer. Then he will not have to listen to “Al Jazeera” as he said and maybe he will learn to mind his own business one day and actually grow up someday. Also he said the Ireish were slaves too. Interestying where he gets his history lessons though.

  2. Sherry Endersby | March 1, 2020 at 10:08 am | Reply

    to amend the previous comment: This person I mentioned that said he would not let an East Indian person into his house said that he was “nice and professional” when he ent into their houses for his job. Again he thinks that the people in the store you see as he told me are terrorists, but yet he continues to go into the store to buy his smokes anyway .. saying he knows all this because he “listens to Al Jazeera all the time”…He said the Irish were shipped from Ireland as slaves to work on plantations in the Caribbean or B.S. like that. After that he distributed an online petition for Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. The world is sure working in a strange way in Chilliwack…Odd but every word is true ..the unfortunate truth…something is seriously wrong….definite issues in Chilliwack that might need to be addressed in your community ..diversity and inclusion might be a good start ..

  3. Sherry Jane Endersby should call the RCMP immediately and put a stop being a hate mongering internet troll.

    Sherry Jane Endersby, is an ex step mother of the individuals named. They had a falling out 3 years ago when the biological mother of the boys moved to town and she was so jealous and enraged she caused a fight with the eldest son.

    There was no crime committed and no arrests were made. There is no police file on this man, thus Sherry is merely attempting to defame the man since the falling out.

    She’s jealous, hateful and obsessed with these people. Spouting defamatory remarks every waking hour, every day on every social media platform.

    Posts like these from this individual are erroneous, fake and untrue.

    All posts from Sherry Jane Endersby of Penticton BC regarding Bruce W Tarras and Cynthia McNabb are false.

    She is so delusional that she has taken jokes out of context and thinks that every individual who comments on her posts are the individuates named. And thinks that every Facebook meme posted by these people are them selves posing in the meme. Like it’s directly targeted at her. I know sounds crazy right?

    Yet she doesn’t realize that these people have family and friends that will stand up for them. Including their own father.

    Sherry Jane Endersby’s has never spoken to Bruce Tarras or Martyn Tarras about her concerns regarding the the subjects that she posts on the World Wide Web. So they have never known they were in the wrong. Hence, no theft occured and nothing illegal happened here. She hasn’t called the police to have the man charged for said illegal activity, nor has she brought them to court.
    Sherry Jane Endersby Is simply angry with these two men and jealous that their biological mother moved into their town, that’s when all the rage started and she has caused a family feud beteween her hundand and his two sons. Her online activity proves it. And this has gone on over the past 3 years, to the point that these two men no longer have a relationship with their father.
    It is Sherry’s hunsband that is truly the only one being hurt as he has not seen his great grand daughter and new born great grand son He has spoken to her in attempts to stop this online harassment of his two sons and she refuses to stop. Because of Sherry Jane Endersby’s innability to let things go, she spends her days trolling the internet looking for trash to post about the two sons, she embellishes and lies about the two sons in an attempt to have them fired from their jobs and has gone to the extent of calling one of the sons employers to sending the RCMP to the other sons employers. And it doesn’t stop there.
    Sherry Jane Endersby also continually posts things online about both sons immediate families, mother, wives and ex wives families in an attempt to further hurt and defame the two sons. Sherry Jane Endersby is obsessed with her husbands two sons and it is evident to the world how crazy this woman is when she brings up things that has happened 20 years ago (when she was committed to the phsych ward). She should be banned from the internet and recommitted to the phsych ward.

  4. I called the Chilliwack RCMP of course! I advised them of the comments Bruce W. tarras of Chilliwack had made regarding the people that run the convenience store in Chilliwack. The constable I spoke to asked me if Bruce had “mental health issues”.

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