Retired Chilliwack Teacher Kaethe Jones Running For School Trustee

Chilliwack – Retired Chilliwack School Teacher Keathe Jones is in the running for Chilliwack School Trustee, as the days to the October 20 Municipal Election continue to count down. With 24 years of teaching in public and private schools, as well as focusing on Indigenous education, Jones feels she is well equipped to serve on the School Board.

Add to that, 17 years as a union staff rep and over 2 years as a member of the Chilliwack Teachers’ Executive.

Jones retied from education in 2014.

She is quite vocal about her views against the SOGI 123 curriculum.

Her campaign Facebook page is here.

From her media release, her platform:

  1. To protect our children from the dangerous influences of the SOGI 123 ideology. Interestingly section 76 (2) of the School Act which stated “The highest morality must be inculcated (to impress upon the mind by frequent repetition) but no religious dogma or creed is to be taught in a school or Provincial school” was REPEALED on March 15, 2012. SOGI 123 is a heavy burden of information on our children. It creates confusion and anxiety in some children and possibly contributes to mental health issues later on in life. Keep no secrets from parents. We need to remove SOGI 123 from the list of District 33 resources. B. Create an anti-bullying (non-sex ed) district task force to research the best methods from professionals for the purpose of designing a resource that is taught and enforced in all the schools.
  2. To promote the recommendations by Dr. Dave Carter’s February 2013 Special Education Review Report. Special Education makes up a large wedge of the annual school district budget so it must be carefully assessed and implemented to make sure the money is wisely distributed.
  3. The School Board and administration should make financially responsible decisions to improve learning outcomes for all the students. Teacher resources should include an eclectic toolkit of teaching strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of students. Teacher initiated and driven professional development for the needs of the students to enhance their achievements.



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