Chilliwack All Candidates Meetings October 3, 10, 11, 15

Chilliwack – As with other Fraser Valley communities in advance of the October 20 Municipal Elections, Chilliwack will be holding all candidates meetings leading up to the vote.

The first all-candidates’ meeting, hosted by the  Chilliwack BIA Business Improvement Association and the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce will be focused on business. Council Candidates will be there  October 3, 6-9PM at the Cultural Centre.

On October 10, again 7PM at the Cultural Centre, the facility will host a discussion For Mayor and Council.

On October 11, It’s Mayoral candidates only, again at the Cultural Centre, 7PM.

Finally October 15, the Yarrow Call Candidates Meeting – 7PM at the Yarrow Community Centre. The meeting is hosted by the Yarrow Community Centre.

Chilliwack Chamber info can be found here.

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  1. What time is the meeting on Oct 10th?

  2. Will the meetings be live streamed for shut in’s and people that can’t get to the meetings?

  3. October, 2018
    Open Letter to all Candidates running in Chilliwack Fall Municipal Election
    My name is Gary Beattie and I am a resident of the Jinkerson Park neighbourhood. I have submitted a letter to Mayor and Council members along with a petition signed by local residents of this area to stop development of a road on the greenspace forming the northern boundary of Jinkerson Park. Those who signed the petition would like to convey their opposition for this road in this area.
    Jinkerson Park and surrounding green space have been used as a safe recreational area for young and old for 10 years. The park is used by local and surrounding area residents, families, children, seniors and dog lovers. The road planned will restrict use of the surrounding green area by one third, popular used trails will be disturbed and crossed by the road development. Jinkerson residents love their park the way it is.
    The park area presently has traffic safety issues to the eastern boundaries of the park. Speeding is a problem with many drivers ignoring the posted 30 km/h speed limit. Having the second road going through the green space adjacent to the park will create unavoidable and dangerous traffic/pedestrian conflict especially with children. Presently residents are thankful there is no road on the western and northern boundaries of the park.
    The planned road development (Jinkerson Road across the parkland to Tesky) will be detrimental to the overall safety of the park. The park is sloped and would cause children’s play toys to roll towards the planned road placing children in direct conflict with traffic. Children on bikes are pulled towards the downward slope to the northern boundary where the road is planned to be. Toboggan use in the winter would have the road cutting directly through the run. Our concern is that the road planned will draw traffic in to and through the surrounding Jinkerson Park area and ruin its present surrounding naturalness. Our park and green space areas are needed to provide us with the opportunities for recreational activities for families and friends. Walkable paths for seniors are used daily. Dog owners are seen exercising and walking their pets. Children climb trees that will most likely be cut down for the road right of way.
    I am writing this letter to ask for a response from all candidates of the Chilliwack municipal election. To state their position at the all candidates meetings on October 10 in Chilliwack to verbalize their support to residents of the Jinkerson Park’s area and work towards stopping this road project. We cannot continue to pave our self out of traffic congestion at the cost of our valuable green space areas. Parks and green spaces are a important part of our community. As our city continues to grow our green space areas and parks will become increasingly valuable. The positive result in stopping this road development now is that we will be left with a beautiful park and surrounding green space at no extra cost. The alternative is to spend $3,340,000 on 250 m of road and a broken park.
    Gary Beattie,
    Jinkerson Park Resident (604 858 5381 )

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