RCMP Could Investigate Waddington’s Expenses

Chilliwack – The timing could not be worse. Already in turmoil for his expenses at a 2017 Ottawa meeting of the FVN Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and grilled by Mayor Sharon Gaetz and other City Councilors, now Counc. Sam Waddington may have to answer to the RCMP.

Waddington is running for Mayor in the October 20 Municipal Elections.

Waddington reacted to council and read a statement trying to exonerate himself on line, on September 4. That FVN story and audio can be found here.

In a tersely worded statement from City Hall:

In a Special Closed Meeting of Council, held on September 20, 2018, Council passed the following resolution after hearing and receiving submissions from Councillor (Sam) Waddington and his two legal counsel:

That Council move to hire an independent auditor to undertake a more thorough review of Councillor Waddington’s expenses for his term of office and refer the City’s information on this matter to the RCMP immediately; and further, that Council move to correct the information statutorily required to be filed and disclosed under Section 168(1)(b) of the Community Charter, and to disclose the six related email message strings and the amended minutes from the September 4, 2018 Council meeting.

The City also released a number of redacted documents which were part of the argument over Waddington’s spending.

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