BCTF President Takes A Stand Over Anti-Refugee, Anti-LGBTQ School Trustee Candidates

Burnaby/Fraser Valley – BCTF (BC Teachers Federation) President Glen Hansman has taken to twitter to take a public stand against Candidates who are anti-refugee and in particular anti-SOGI.

There are a number of candidates running for school trustee within BC for the October 20th Municipal Elections.

Most notably, Barry Neufeld and others in Chilliwack and former JOY TV host Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson who is running in Burnaby.

She has also started an on line spat with Parental/Children advocate and former TV Broadcaster Tamara Taggart.


Neufeld has been rather quiet in this election campaign as the final month to the election date is underway.

SOGI is the Provincially mandated program of Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity. It is a provincial program and can not be dropped by local school boards.

Outgoing Chilliwack School Board Trustee and Board Chair Paul MacManus is among three outgoing trustees who have pleaded to the electorate that SOGI NOT be an election issue.

Hansman did not mince his words:

BC schools welcome all students – including students from immigrant and refugee families. It is abhorrent to see a candidate for school trustee in Burnaby spreading hatred against immigrants and refugees. Racism and xenophobia are not welcome in BC schools.

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