Quarry Critic Michie Vidal To Run For Councilor For Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs – Harrison business owner and a strong critic of a proposed quarry, Michie Vidal, will run for Councilor in the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.

Not only has she been vocal about the quarry, Vidal wants to develop Harrison as a year round destination. She is in favour of the paid parking situation which has ruffled the feathers of a few locals. She wants to entice new business to be within the downtown core.

Municipal Elections are October 20.

From Her Facebook page: My goals, vision and platform will be available soon. I will be visiting as many residents and businesses as possible over the next few weeks discussing your issues and how we can move our Village forward. We are experiencing a rapid transformation and require competent individuals to steer this transition. I believe I have the abilities and passion to help accomplish this challenge. I will be hosting an informal Meet and Greet during the campaign. This event will be a wonderful opportunity to hear more about myself and how we can balance the needs of residents and businesses, yet maintain the charm and recreation opportunities Harrison Hot Springs is so well known for. Further details will be announced once a venue, date and time are finalized. Please visit my Facebook Campaign page, Imagine the Future.


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