Trinity Western Student Josh Reynolds – Running For Abby Council

Abbotsford – Originally from Ontario, Josh Reynolds  moved to Abbotsford in 2012 to attend Summit Pacific College. He is the latest person to announce that he is a candidate for Abbotsford City Council come October 20.

From his website: Passionate about making a positive impact in the world, he majored in Not-for-Profit Organizational Leadership, serving with various local and international organizations as a student.  After graduating in 2016 Josh remained in Abbotsford, getting hired on at Summit while starting his own business, Illustrate Collective. Additionally, Josh founded The War Zone Education Project, a non-profit that provides education solutions for refugee children in South Sudan.   Josh is currently completing his M.B.A at Trinity Western University, and is pursuing a Master’s of Biblical Studies at Summit Pacific College. He is expecting to graduate from both in 2020. 

Reynolds is saying all the right things about housing, small business development and the homeless, but he is keying in on the fact that Abbotford is a “full fledged college town” with over 15,000 students living in Abby and either going to UFV, Summit Pacific College, Columbia Bible College or Trinity Western.  There’s is a need for services for those students.

Municipal Elections are October 20.


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