Retired Chilliwack Teacher Erma Vietorisz Running For School Board – Downplaying Anti-SOGI Talk

Chilliwack – On Friday, before the long weekend, Erma Vietorisz, who wants to be elected to the Chilliwack School board in October, took to Facebook to downplay her stand on SOGI , the Provincial program which is all inclusive for any student regardless of sexual orientation.

She had been quoted as being anti-SOGI, but is now backtracking.

Pro and Anti-SOGI rhetoric is the hot button issue for school trustee candidates in Chilliwack.

Vietorisz posted:” Just to be clear, I am all for clubs that welcome ALL students including the loners, the Learning Disabled, the Gays, the Transgendered, the Immigrant, the students who have no difficulties, the students who were born in Canada, etc I do mean ALL. I care about all people and hate no one.”

From her earlier posting to social media :  Erma has 37 years of experience in the field of education with a lengthy career in helping students with learning difficulties. She has a keen interest in helping all students succeed. Her particular areas of expertise were in helping students acquire literacy skills and to deal with emotional issues. As Chair of several School Based Teams for many years, Erma worked with teachers, parents, paraprofessionals and administrators to find solutions to difficult problems and is prepared to listen to the growing and diversifying community of Chilliwack to work to help build a strong, healthy and safe learning environment for all students.
Erma also represented teachers at the local level of the BCTF for many years. She hopes to help build a positive relationship between parents and teachers and the School Board. In addition, Erma wants to make Chilliwack’s voice heard in the next round of negotiations between the BCTF and BCPSEA when the present Collective Agreement comes to an end in June, 2019.

Her Facebook page is here.


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