Korky Neufeld Looks For A Fourth Term With Abby School Board

Abbotsford – Korky Neufeld sat on the Abbotsford school board as a trustee for three, 3-year terms between 2005 to 2014. He feels the time is right to return as a trustee and made his intentions public. He is hoping that voters remember him and return him to school board in October.

His Facebook page is here.

In his media release to FVN he notes: There is no greater endeavor than positively investing in today’s youth so they can be contributing citizens for generations to come. 

You have heard it said, “It takes a village to raise a child”. The involvement of the home, the classroom educators and the many community partnerships ensures the best possible outcome for that student. We are building our community together one child at a time. 

I believe in the unique potential of every child to successfully learn!

As parents, Cynthia and I have succeeded in navigating our four children through public education by our active involvement at every step. Each one of our children had a different learning style and by partnering with the schools, we were able to specifically support each child. Now we are looking ahead to our grandchildren’s education and want to be involved helping shape Abbotsford School District to continue to deliver “a world-class, innovative and individualized educational experience for every student”.

Neufeld’s resume includes:

Married to Cynthia for 35 years

Together they raised four Abbotsford graduates

Served 3 previous terms (9 years) as Trustee in Abbotsford (2005-20014)

Served 2 years on the British Columbia Trustee Association Board of Directors representing 60 school districts in the province

Education: High School Diploma and College Bachelor Degree

Current Occupation: Construction Manager

Municipal Elections in BC are October 20.

3 Comments on "Korky Neufeld Looks For A Fourth Term With Abby School Board"

  1. Graham Evan MacDonell | September 19, 2018 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    Korky tried his luck trying to become a candidate for the Conservative Party of Matsqui / Mission / Fraser Valley and failed. So now he is trying to get back on the Board of Education for Abbotsford. What will happen next federal election…in 2019……will he try to get the Conservative nomination again……and lose again…..but retain his seat on the Abbotsford Board of Education. Where do his true feelings lie? Being a trustee or a Conservative MP candidate. There are people running for Board of Education with far superior qualifications than what he has……and I am one of them. Watch for my campaign to start in October…..and blow Korky away when he sees my qulifications.

  2. Ya “Graham Evan McDonnell” that’s what we need another arrogant community leader like you.
    Korky Neufeld has a proven record of working for his community and truly doing what is best for teachers and students.

    His reputation speaks loudly to his character just as your self serving arrogance speaks to yours.

    A Humble man wanting to do what’s right with always be better than an educated idiot.

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