Booze, Smokes On The Golf Course – What About Pot?

Fraser Valley – British Columbia Golf has an interesting dilemma on its hands. Booze and tobacco products are allowed on most golf courses. Many City owned courses have banned smoking cigarettes.

Add a new wrinkle come October 17, when Marijuana will be legalized.

Will you be able to spark a joint on the back nine? Some golfers have openly chimed against pot on the fairway. Some Course owners feel that golf etiquette will be impaired.

Is that a double standard considering booze carts are part of golfers lifestyle?

BC Golf saw this coming. Along with Inside Golf, the two have partnered to conduct a survey to get golfers’ points of views about marijuana use on the golf course.

On their website, BC Golf claims they have already surveyed clubs across the province and somewhat not surprisingly less than 20% currently have developed a clear policy with respect to marijuana.

Input from golfers could be of value as facilities make their decisions over the next 30-45 days.

Complete results of the survey will appear in the Fall issue of Inside Golf’s print magazine and the September issue of British Columbia Golf’s digital magazine, The Scorecard.

You can take part in this survey here.

Courtesy BC Golf

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