An Interesting New Business Tool – Valuegraphics (VIDEO)

Fraser Valley/Vancouver – Vancouver Business Analyst, Speaker, Author and Brand Strategist David Allison has tweaked the business world on its ear with an interesting concept that is starting to take hold.

Valuegaphics. A different approach to looking at your target customer/consumer from a different angle. (The website can be found here)

Demographics is the eldest concept that most people, especially business operators, know about.  Your target demos reflect the age of your ideal consumer. Say male and female between the age of 25 to 54 years of age.

Psychographics.  From Wikipedia and Business -Psychographics can be defined as a qualitative methodology used to describe consumers on psychological attributes. Psychographics have been applied to the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.

Valuegraphics, according to Allison, “is where big data can now detect what your target audience wants, and what messages will motivate them most.”

Allison notes: “The Valuegraphics Database contains 75,000 surveys with 380 variables we measured about what people value, want, need and expect. There is no significant correlation between – for example – your age – and anything else about who you are. Millennials only agree on those 380 variables 15% of the time. Boomers only agree 13% of the time. It can make marketing, design, HR and any other function in an organization exponentially more efficient, because you aren’t wasting time or money designing products, services or messages that miss the mark.”

The concept of valuegraphics started to expand within electronic media over back in July, after a piece published in Broadcast Dialogue. (That original article is here)

Courtesy David Allison

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