City Of Chilliwack, FVRD Assisting Vanderhoof Crews With Wildfires

Chilliwack -UPDATE AUGUST 21- Chilliwack Fire Tweeted a picture of their firefighting efforts near Vanderhoof, fighting the Tezzeron Lake wildfire which is nearing 7,000 hectares in size, burning more than 100 kilometres north of Vanderhoof.

ORIGINAL STORY AUGUST 16 – The City of Chilliwack posted to social media on Thursday, that it will be supporting Vanderhoof with their wildfire relief efforts. The Chilliwack Fire Department is currently sending a fire truck and two firefighters to assist with wildfire relief efforts.

The Fraser Valley Regional District posted that firefighters from Popkum, Boston Bar and Chilliwack River Valley will also take part. Jennifer Kinneman with the FVRD told FVN: We have had at least 25 members offer to help in just three of our fire halls. Some members have just made themselves available for other calls as the members on the strike teams have to be ready to go and can’t be tied up on other calls, so it’s a complete team effort. Other halls are also prepared to jump in if needed. We can’t forget the families who step up so their loved ones can go out and do this. We are humbled and grateful for all of our volunteer fire departments and their families, now and throughout the year.

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