Small Vintage Plane Crashes At Abbotsford Air Show – 5 Hurt – Airshow Will Go On

Abbotsford – There has been an accident at the Abbotsford Air Show. Around 5:30PM Saturday afternoon, after the actual show closed for the day,  a small vintage plane crashed. The plane, from England, stalled and crashed immediately after take off.

The official release from Abbotsford Police: At 5:30 pm, shortly after the Airshow ended, Abbotsford International Airshow officials were notified of a crash on the Abbotsford International Airport runway. A 1930’s era biplane (deHaviland Dragon Rapide) crashed shortly after takeoff.

The occupants of the aircraft include the pilot and four adult passengers.
All five on board have been taken to hospital by BC Ambulance Service by both air and road; three with non-life threatening injuries, one serious and one critical.
As the Abbotsford International Airshow has just completed for the day, many emergency resources were already in place and able to respond immediately.
The crash investigation is in the preliminary stages, and will be conducted by the Transportation Safety Board. Further enquiries regarding the crash are to be forwarded to the Transportation Safety Board.
The Airshow will proceed as scheduled on Sunday.

Courtesy Elya White YXX

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