RCMP Scam Alert For Businesses – Monitor POS/Debit Devices

Maple Ridge – Ridge Meadows RCMP are investigating alleged fraud attempts and is advising stores and shop owners to be extra vigilant in monitoring their Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices.


On Thursday, August 9, Police received reports of 2 males attempting to complete a credit card refund scam. In this case one suspect makes a purchase and attempts to increase the original purchase amount on the POS terminal while a second suspect distracts the cashier. A short time later the original suspect returns to the store claiming they were overcharged and requests the difference be refunded.

On some occasions a child accompanies the male suspect. On other occasions the suspects are a male and female working together.

Police advise retailers of the following;

  • Report all suspicious activity to police immediately
  • Instruct staff to not leave the POS area until transactions are complete
  • Watch and monitor all transactions as they are taking place
  • Wait until transactions are completed before answering other questions or moving to other areas of the store
  • Review all transactions for accuracy immediately upon sale completion


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