Book Review – Roses By Moonlight – Nicola Mar

Fraser Valley – “Bloom in your darkest hour.”

The captions from the back cover of Nicola Mar’s latest offering says it all.

Roses By Moonlight is a book of poetry which is inspiring yet isn’t preachy or overbearing. A light read that uplifts the heart.

Mar is no stranger to many book lovers. There are the makings of what other recovery writers are great at. Softly yet firmly, affirm that you are worth life and living, and accept that the bumps in life, may feel like canyons at times, but you will persevere.

Mar is in the same category as Louise Hay, Leo Buscaglia and Dennis Wholey.

One poem simply reads : Never stop searching.

Opening your heart does not have to involve any sort of suffering.

On Amazon, the review starts with: Roses by Moonlight offers readers a glimpse into their own thoughts and inner voices by reconnecting them with the feelings shared by all: heartbreak, loneliness, love, loss, and finally self-worth and acceptance. Nicola’s poems have been shared on her Instagram account, @nicolamar, by celebrities and fans across the globe.

Roses By Moonlight is available through Amazon, click here.

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