Opinion/Vlog – Chilliwack Nail Salon Video- 15 Minutes Of Fame?(VIDEO) NOTE LANGUAGE

Fraser Valley – ( Don Lehn, FVN) By now you have seen the video of a disgruntled and upset young lady who had a meltdown at a Chilliwack Nail Salon. She did not like the service nor the work done on her nails and made that known to staff.

Staff wanted her to pay the bill anyway, and allegedly called RCMP. Police apparently told them to keep her inside the store. That didn’t go well. Eventually the woman’s father showed up and took video of the incident. Staff of the Nail Salon also took video.

Everything went viral. It appears no one really handled the situation well.

Now I’ll show my age here, but all I could think of was Andy Worhol. His cryptic prediction was that everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame. Worhol died before social media really took off.

Everyone involved in the video(s) made it to national and international TV as well as social media.

Eventually the bill would be paid (at least in part) and Crown have not laid any charges.

But back to the 15 minutes of fame.

Was this a bad situation that should never have made it to camera?  Was everyone playing to the camera? You decide.

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