Cultus Lake Park Trail System Closed Due To Extreme Weather Conditions

Cultus Lake – Effective immediately, the Cultus Lake Park trail system will be closed and the entrances to the trails will be barricaded/roped off due to the extreme weather conditions that the region is experiencing.

The areas to be closed include access to the trailhead off Lakeshore Drive to Parmenter Road, the trail access off 44 Lakeshore Drive, all trailhead accesses off Sunnyside Blvd into the forested area, the trail access behind Funland, and the trail access off the end of Mountain View Road. Furthermore, the large walkway access at the end of Park Drive that leads to Columbia Valley Highway will be closed as well.

“Looking at the long term forecast, I recommend closing the trails immediately to reduce any fire risk in the park,” said Fire Chief Warren Mazuren.

Cultus Lake Park Board Chair Joe Lamb said: “The weather we are currently experiencing is extremely dry, and with the long weekend bringing an increase in visitors to the area, we felt that this was necessary to keep people and the area safe.” He added: “Any decisions we can make to keep the fire risk low – including closing the trails – have been thoroughly considered and the decision was made with the safety of our community in mind.”

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