Pam Alexis Running For Mission Mayor

Mission – Mission City Councilor and former Mission School Trustee Pam Alexis, has thrown her hat into the ring, and announced her candidacy to run for Mayor of Mission.

Alexis was elected as a school trustee in 2005 and served as such until 2011.

She was vice president of the BC Winter Games in Mission for 2014.

Alexis has been a Rotarian for almost 18 years.

In 2014 She was elected as a city councilor and was given an extensive portfolio that has included representing Mission at the Fraser Valley Regional District.

From her Facebook page: “I am excited to announce that I have decided to run for the position of Mayor. I have a proven track record of service to the community. I am a hard​ ​worker, I listen, and have the ability to inspire others. I am capable of doing the job and I am dedicated to moving Mission forward!

“I have asked myself this exact question a few times recently. Why would anyone want a job that goes 24/7?
A job that leaves you open to regular criticism on social media or in print. But then again, why wouldn’t I want to be in a position to inspire people, to improve their quality of life, and to bring out the very best of an entire community. Or embrace the opportunity to represent Mission outside of our community, building community pride. I am likely Mission’s loudest cheerleader!

I value relationships and constantly strive to improve them. Without good working relationships with all of our partner groups, progress, is unattainable.”

The website is here

The Facebook page is here.


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