Cultus Lake Park Announces Stronger Enforcement Of Parking Bylaws

Cultus Lake  –  In time for the long weekend, as of Friday, June 29, 2018, Cultus Lake Park Bylaw Enforcement may immobilize any vehicle that is parked in a designated “Permit Parking Only” area without a valid parking permit clearly displayed, using an approved vehicle immobilization device as part of the Residential Parking Management Plan. Vehicles parked in a location that would impede any emergency access will be immediately towed.

The Vehicle Immobilization Device Usage Policy and Procedure was approved by the Cultus Lake Park Board earlier this month. Signage will be posted in the park and will include the phone number to contact to have the immobilization device removed. This information will also be left on any immobilized vehicle. The fine for a vehicle parked on Cultus Lake Park property, without displaying a valid permit, is $50 with an additional fee of $100 for the removal of the vehicle immobilization device.

Explained Board Chair Joe Lamb: “Cultus Lake Park is a popular place, and challenges with parking cause frustration for both residents and visitors. Our Vehicle Immobilization Device Usage Policy and Procedure has been put in place to make sure that everyone obeys parking bylaws. When that happens, it makes for a much more pleasurable experience at Cultus Lake Park for everyone.” He added: “Focusing on stronger bylaw enforcement means there is incentive for people to ensure that they are parking where it is allowed – and there is a high cost to those who continue to park where they shouldn’t.”

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