Permits To Cut Firewood On Crown Land Available Online

Fraser Valley/Victoria – If you wish to cut firewood on Crown Land for personal use, can apply online for their Free Use Permit for Firewood for the natural resource district where they will be collecting the firewood. There is no application fee for the permit, and there is no charge for the wood.

Any firewood cut under this permit is for personal use only and cannot be sold.

However, applicants must abide by the following:

  • Carry the permit, and associated maps, at all times.
  • Read and understand the conditions of the permit, prior to signing it.
  • Produce the permit at the request of a natural resource officer, conservation officer or peace officer.

It is important for applicants to determine that the wood they wish to cut and collect is, in fact, on Crown land, and not on private land or a First Nations reserve.

For more information, please contact the ministry office in the district where you wish to cut wood.

For Chilliwack info, click here.

Permit applications and maps for natural resource districts in British Columbia can be found online:

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