Troops In Chilliwack, Fraser Valley On Flood Watch

Fraser Valley – With the flood situation in many parts of the province beginning to stabilize, the Government of British Columbia has amended its request for federal assistance to support B.C.’s response to flooding.

Under the terms of the amended request, many of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) troops who have assisted with flood response efforts in communities throughout British Columbia will begin returning to their base in Edmonton. Departures of the CAF troops will be staggered with the first troops leaving on May 24, 2018, and the last leaving by end of day on May 26. This staggered approach ensures troops are available should the flood situation worsen.

A contingent of over 100 B.C.-based CAF troops will remain in Chilliwack, available to support flood-response efforts in the Fraser Valley, if needed. Additional rescue resources from CAF and the Canadian Coast Guard, including watercraft and aircraft, will also remain available to support provincial efforts, if needed. These resources can be called upon and deployed in as little as 24 hours.

The Mission Gauge was forecast to top 6.5 Meters but that has not happened. As of 10:30 AM May 24, the gauge sits at 5.9m and appears to be leveling off, every so slightly.

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