Study: Seniors Prescribed Too Many Risky Drugs (Interview)

Montreal/Fraser Valley –  A deeply disturbing trend is happening among aging baby boomers, especially senior women. A new study found that when it comes to taking medication, older women are at a greater risk of suffering from adverse drug reactions than older men.

54% of senior women in Canada were prescribed at least one “risky” and potentially inappropriate medication in 2016.

Seniors living in low-income neighbourhoods and rural/remote neighbourhoods used more drugs. as well, the number of drugs being prescribed to seniors was the factor most responsible for hospitalizations related to adverse drug reactions (ADRs). These were part of the major findings revealed in the report Drug Use Among Seniors in Canada, 2016, released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

A confidential questionnaire can be found at Canadian Deprescribing Network. Click here for info

FVN’s Don Lehn spoke with Scientific director of CIHI’s Institute of Gender and Health Dr. Cara Tannenbaum.

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