Hell’s Gate Airtram Closed For Maintenance Until Saturday (VIDEO)

Hell’s Gate – The Hell’s Gate Airtram is closed until Saturday due to general maintenance.

Management told FVN that they apologize for any inconveniences this may cause travellers.

The Hope Visitor Centre has been informed of the closure and will forward the information to travellers.

The Airtram is expected to be back and running Saturday morning at 10AM.

In response to on line criticism on their Facebook page, they stated: Our closure is due to maintenance to ensure public safety, as public safety is our number one. It was an unexpected and unforeseen closure with limited notice. Rarely do we have a closure with limited notice. We do apologize for any inconveniences to travellers, and understand your frustration. We will be sure to have signage posted clearly moving forward, as we do value your feedback. As for the webpage, we did request the developer to inform on the website of this closure, however, we have no control over how fast the developer gets that information posted to the webpage

The Hell’s Gate Airtram website can be found here.


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