Chilliwack Salvation Army Opens New Modular Shelter For Homeless

Chilliwack – With little fanfare, although it was discussed in Council, the Chilliwack Salvation Army’s new Modular Shelter opened for business.

Although final finishing touches are still on-going, the Salvation Army opened the doors of it’s brand new Modular Shelter this Monday, April 9th, to homeless clients.

Along with the old shelter, which will stay open for female clients only, the new shelter will be able to house 56 homeless individuals.The shelter is on Yale Road, south of the railway overpass.

The Salvation Army expressed their thanks for the kind support of many partners, including BC Housing, the City of Chilliwack, and Metric Modular, for this development.

Courtesy Salvation Army – Chilliwack

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  1. There are buildings being demolished everywhere in chilliwack !! My god would someone think about that ? Thera are people who just live to see others struggle and fail why can’t people except that!!!! Ie (Salvation Army) one of the richest corporations in the world thrives off the misfortune of others

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