Jumping (YAWN)To Daylight Saving Time

Fraser Valley – It’s the lovely time of the year where we lose an hour’s sleep. Clocks go ahead one hour Sunday morning at 2AM as we go into Daylight Saving Time 2018.

Out come the usual arguments over the merits of the change. Is it worth it to business? Do we save energy? (the original premise of the change). Studies have proven that we are more prone to accidents in the week after the change, as our body clocks are out of wack.

But those longĀ  summer nights are not far off….

It’s also the standard reminder from Fire Departments. Don’t forget to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and test them. Even the wired in AC powered detectors have battery backup. Newer ones may have a “lifetime” battery that can not be replaced. These batteries are not easily removable but they are good for the lifetime of the detector so you just have to check them for function. Also, check the expiry date. Smoke detectors expire after 10 years.


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