UFV Professor Caught In Creep Catcher Controversy

Chilliwack/Abbotsford – The video vigilante group, Creep Catchers, have posted a video, alleging that a UFV professor was recently caught on video, waiting for a liaison with a supposed 13 year old boy at a Chilliwack McDonald’s.

Creep Catchers have in the past, recorded set up video stings that have resulted in charges to an alleged person searching for sex with underage kids. Organizers of Creep Catchers, and in particular, the original Surrey Chapter, have come under criticism for their methods including on camera assaults.

The Surrey branch has been up and running on line for a couple of years, and continues to face legal challenges. A Fraser Valley Chapter from Abbotsford has come and gone from Facebook.

This Chilliwack Chapter went on line in December 2017.

From the Chilliwack Creep Catchers Facebook page.

Chilliwack RCMP were informed on Wednesday about this recent video. The UFV employee who FVN will not name (as he has not yet been charged), has now been suspended by the University as the investigation continues. Students are talking on social media about the man,again, until charges are laid, FVN will not name him.

The RCMP said it does not support vigilante justice techniques such as those used by Creep Catchers groups, saying the behaviour can put investigations and evidence at risk.

UFV released a statement on Wednesday:

On Wednesday, March 7, the University of the Fraser Valley became aware of allegations concerning a UFV employee and inappropriate conduct that is alleged to have occurred off campus.

While these allegations are not proven, the university is taking this matter seriously and is investigating. The Chilliwack RCMP detachment is also aware and has opened a file on this matter and the university will work with the appropriate authorities in any ongoing investigation.  

With an abundance of caution, and while these allegations are being investigated, the individual has been placed on administrative leave.

The university is not aware of any complainants at UFV.

While this alleged behavior did not occur on a UFV campus, the university realizes this situation may be upsetting to some students, staff, and faculty and we have contacted these members of our community to offer support services should they be required.

The University of the Fraser Valley is committed to providing a safe and secure environment supportive of working, teaching, scholarship, research, and the fair treatment of all members of the University community.




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