Book Review – Viola Vincent Reporting – UNDERDOG – Anna Kenna

Fraser Valley (Ann Soutar/Amazon) – I loved having teenagers, I REALLY love having ADULT children! If I still had children/teenagers I would want them to read this book! An amazing story of a young girl who through her love and perseverance rescues more than she could imagine.

A chance meeting with Theo and his dog Mac alerts Caitlin to a puppy farm operating in her community. Through her alter ego Viola Vincent, and with help of reporter friend Megan, Caitlin embarks on a mission to expose the cruel trade and rescue Sissy, a breeding bitch chained to a life of misery. Underdog is the second book in the Viola Vincent Reporting series by former investigative reporter, turned author, Anna Kenna – a series, with a journalistic theme, for young people who care about fairness, truth and justice.

You can purchase this book through Amazon – here.

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