Election 2017 – Fraser Valley Candidates – Patti MacAhonic – Chilliwack – Kent

Fraser Valley – FVN Fraser Valley News will bring to you the platforms of the various candidates in the Fraser Valley riding’s for the 2017 Provincial Election. We invite ALL candidates to send in their platforms and please keep it brief.

Patti MacAhonic – NDP – Chilliwack-Kent

I am glad that the election has been called, now the people of our province  will have a chance to vote for a government that will work for them. The Christy Clark Liberals are working for the people at the top.  John Horgan and  I, Patti MacAhonic will work for you by making life more affordable for everyday folks, not just those who are wealthy and well connected.”

Services for seniors and health care, have been gutted . Mental health and addictions have been chronically underfunded for 16 years which has led to homelessness in our community tripling in the past year. The NDP will properly fund these services and will implement $10-a-day daycare, eliminate medical services premiums and freeze BC Hydro rates. On May 9th vote for a government that cares for  people and their families, the BC NDP.


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