VanCity Report – We Are Donating Less To Charity

Fraser Valley – This really should not come as a surprise, as one just has to see the current vibe in social media posts. No one has any extra cash to spend, and that is directly hitting charities.

Yes we may sound like Scrooge, but this is where reality sets in.

A VanCity report says we in BC, just can’t afford to give as much money to charity as we used to. BUT, we are volunteering our time (see, there is the silver lining).

According to Senior Vice President of Business Development at Vancity, Linda Morris, holiday donations have dropped by 25 per cent in the past five years, with just 59 per cent of us now making donations compared to 79 per cent in 2011.

The uptick is that we are giving more of our time and when we can, donating clothes and food.

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