Xmas Must Be Coming – Another Text Messaging Scam

Chilliwack – Chilliwack RCMP would like to alert the community to text message scam occurring recently. A text message appears offering several hundred dollars per week to wrap a personal vehicle with commercial advertising, and eventually a fraudulent cheque is sent. Details of the scam is as follows:

1.  Individual receives text message offering a few hundred dollars for wrapping their personal vehicle in commercial advertising.

2.  After exchanging a few text messages or emails, a fraudulent cheque for a few thousand dollars will arrive in the mail, covering the first week or two of advertising income as well as cost to wrap vehicle in advertising.   An accompanying letter will often state the funds are available immediately after deposit. (Not true)

3.  The individual will deposit the cheque.

4.  Instructions follow to send some of the money included in the cheque by money order to a supposed car wrapping company.

5.  Before the cheque has been verified by the bank, and bounces, the individual will send a few thousand dollars by money order to cover wrapping the vehicle.

6.  Cheque bounces and the individual is out a few thousand dollars that they already sent.


– Text message from unknown number offering a money for advertising

– Multiple addresses from across North America (Vancouver, Chilliwack, Kamloops, Toronto, & Florida for example)

– Different address for the cheque, the company, the car wrapping company, and the letters.

– Instructions to deposit a cheque for a few thousand, and then send a portion of the money to another party, as soon as possible

– A cheque that doesn’t clear

– An offer too-good-to-be-true delivered anonymously via text


– Do not respond further to the text message or email (block / report if the option is available)

– Keep copies of everything (text messages, emails, cheques, letters, etc.) and call RCMP

– Report the incident to:  Chilliwack RCMP Non-Emergency Phone (604) 792-4611


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

      In partnership with the RCMP, the CAFC works to gather intelligence on frauds of all kinds affecting Canadians. If you have a fraud to report or want more information about guarding against fraud, visit http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca or call 1-888-495-8501

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