B.C.’s Guns and Gangs Strategy – Five Month Report Card

Fraser Valley – Just five months after announcing a $23-million expansion to B.C.’s Guns and Gangs Strategy, the Province, anti-gang units and local police agencies are making progress on a number of key measures meant to tackle gun and gang violence from all sides.

Items Completed Since July:

  • Co-ordination work between police agencies throughout the province to facilitate the upcoming provincewide Firearms Amnesty that will run from Oct. 1-31, 2016: news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2016PSSG0121-001046
  • Staffing of an additional Correctional Branch Central Monitoring Unit position in response to the enhanced electronic monitoring initiative.

Cross-government (in addition to the Guns and Gangs Strategy):


  • CFSEU-BC Community Engagement Teams attended more than 40 local events and interacted with well-over 13,000 Surrey youths and families this summer. They have a busy fall schedule of community events, through which they will share information and speak with parents and youths who may be encountering gang-related peer pressure. cfseu.bc.ca/end-gang-life/community-engagement/

Significant local enforcement announcements between July and August 2016:

Items Ongoing and Underway:

  • Establishing a new Illegal Firearms Task Force (IFTF).
  • Identifying specialized officers and staff who will form two new, 10-person gang disruption and interdiction teams within the Combined Special Forces Unit – British Columbia (CFSEU-BC).
  • Staffing a new Office of Crime Reduction and Gang Outreach
  • Surrey Crown counsel’s work to dedicate two full-time prosecutors and a paralegal to prioritizing cases linked to guns and gangs.
  • The development of the Crime Stoppers initiative focused on firearms.

Cross-government (in addition to the Guns and Gangs Strategy):

  • Developing a gang-exit pilot program for adults, to become operational this fall.

Local efforts to engage and inform parents and community members:

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