Abbotsford’s Tax Decision

Abbotsford – The City of Abbotsford has to make, politically, one of the most unpopular decisions any politician has to make. Sometimes these decisions can come back to haunt them at the polls come election time.

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Abby City Council is going to consider a proposal to cut business taxes, while hiking residential and industrial tax rates.

The end game is to decrease the burden on businesses and stimulate growth.

At present, Abbotsford  businesses pay 2.38 times the amount paid by residents.

Mayor Henry Braun has said he’d like to see that ratio reduced to 2:1 in order to attract more businesses.

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce supports the proposal, as they note that businesses currently pay more tax but use fewer city services and don’t receive a vote. Any relief is a positive step.

In comparison (In the Valley) Chilliwack  businesses pay less than twice what residents pay, something that Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz loves to boast about.

There is no set date for Abby Council to make a final decision.

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