AHH-CHOO! That Time Of Year, Again …

Fraser Valley – Have you noticed the hacking, sneezing and wheezing all around you? Fall is back and so is cold and flu season.

As kids are back in school and in close quarters, and we adults are the same at work, we are bound to pick up a virus or two.

Tasleem Juma with Fraser Health told FVN : “It’s starting…kids are back at school, sharing germs and bringing them home.  People are back at work from summer holidays.  Weather is changing.  Nothing unusual for the cold bug at this time. But the best way to stay healthy is good hand hygiene…wash your hands often with soap and water or a hand sanitizer, get lots of rest, fluids, exercise, eat well…

Once the flu shot is available (mid to end of October), get one.

And this one is hard for we workaholics — Stay home if you are sick and don’t be a hero and spread the germs !”

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