Chilliwack School Board Declines Kinder Morgan Offer

Chilliwack, BC (With files from Chilliwack Progress) – First it was the City of Chilliwack that said thanks, but no thanks, to a monetary offer from Kinder Morgan to pay for various community initiatives.

The Chilliwack School District followed suit.

Following their board meeting Tuesday night, Kinder Morgan’s offer was rejected. The proposal was to give the school district $30,910 in compensation if the pipeline expansion is completed.

The City of Chilliwack turned down a similar money offer ($800,000) back in May.

It is well known that the Kinder Morgan pipeline travels along the far end of the field at Vedder Middle School, near power lines. In fact, from Hope to the now closed Minter Gardens and through Abbotsford and onto Burnaby.

The oil company currently has an 18-metre easement, but the proposed expansion project would require a 42-metre easement.

The District is already entitled to receive money, although not as much, if the pipeline expansion goes through. The agreement bonus would take the place of an independent assessment, another costly move on any landowner’s part.

The School Board, as well and the City’s decision , while they would not come out and state it, would not look good PR-wise in the community.

A number of trustees on the School Board are not siding with the Kinder Morgan expansion.



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