Downtown Chilliwack Public Piano

Chilliwack/Kelowna/Kamloops/Vancouver – The trend of placing a piano on the streets of a town for public use is not new BUT it has been gaining momentum (One just sprang up in Kamloops and they have returned to Vancouver).

Recently Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was in Kelowna for a concert and on a stroll through town, sat down and started to play.

Social media went nuts with hits showing Tyler playing the opening notes of the Aerosmith classic “Dream On”.

Chilliwack now has a public piano at the corner of Wellington and Mill Street. It is sponsored in part by Ace, Cyrus Centre, Pioneer, The Royal Hotel and other businesses and services.

Feel free to post your photos and videos of your playing (or someone else) and send them to [email protected] or on the FVN Facebook page.

and one of the returnees in Vancouver…

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