Op-Ed – Happy 30th To Star FM’s Scott Riley

Chilliwack/Abbotsford – From the crew at FVN  Fraser Valley News, HAPPY 30TH ANNIVERSARY to STAR FM’s Morning Man Scott Riley!

It is rare in media, let alone radio, that anyone lasts 30 years at one company, let alone one radio station.  It is also rare that the “competition pays tribute to a fellow media man (it’s just not done in these times, which I think is crap BTW).”

Scott Riley has become part of the Chilliwack landscape (He’ll hate me for that analogy). I had the privilege and honour to work with “Scooter” in the mid-late 90’s when I came back to the Valley from my stint in Ottawa radio and was his morning news mouth when the OLD CHWK and CKGO flipped to Radio Max and synched up with the Abbotsford station.

That first day was memorable. So much praise from listener phone calls that Scott was still at the station, but that “new loud mouth news guy” had to go. We had a good laugh over that.

The OLD Star FM was sputtering along at the time and also went through major changes.

Here are a few names that may ring a bell for Scott. Hopefully I don’t miss anyone but if I do, please fill in the blanks.

Robert Linden, Rick Honey, John Oliver, Tom Lucas, Grant Ullyott, Pete Lindy, Ana Macdeo, Barry Douglas, September Stewart, Linda Strathdee, Rick Shannon, Bill Coombes, Chris Brown, Kerry Grace, Jake Ryder, Roy Hafeli, Tom DeSourcy, Christina Stevens (No relation to Lisa), Bob Brown, Barry McMaster, Bruce McArthur, Brian Antonson.

And to co-host Lisa Stevens who for 16 years has to put up with Scotty… I am so sorry… (lol).

BUT, Lisa did get the last laugh….

Don Lehn

Managing Editor/News Director

FVN Fraser Valley News Sports and Entertainment


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  1. All the best Scott! You deserve all the acclaim. 30 years is a long time in any line of work. Even a bakery. I remember when you or a colleague (perhaps engineer Jim Wilhite), on air, tried out Ronco’s Hair in a can…and it dripped down the face. Forget naming a street after you, the city should finally give a proper name to Island 22 Park…Scott Riley Park. I’ll start a petition. Take care Scott.

    John Oliver
    Agassiz, BC

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