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Vancouver’s World Partnership Walk May 28 (Video)

Vancouver –  Nowadays, the benefits of workplace engagement in social causes are well documented, and something the team behind Vancouver’s World Partnership Walk, Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), has been capitalizing on since the event’s inception.

“Ever since the event began 33 years ago, our corporate teams have epitomized the spirit of the World Partnership Walk,” says Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) World Partnership Walk Vancouver chair Likky Lavji. “These teams are passionate and results-oriented in raising money and awareness of global poverty. That’s why we continue to focus on capturing that positive energy and making it easier for more of Canada’s most progressive companies to start teams and join our campaign.”

Workplaces that may be new to the idea of organizing teams for events like this will appreciate the many benefits that come from workers joining forces for the common good, Lavji adds.

“Studies have shown that there are many benefits when workplaces take part in social causes, including workers feeling an increased sense of loyalty to their workplace, workers being more engaged and motivated and of course the personal satisfaction each worker feels from the experience,” says Lavji.

Derek Gent, the executive director at Vancity Community Foundation, can attest to the highly positive benefits workers get from taking part in the Walk.

“For a lot of young people…they direly want to be working at an organization (like Vancity) that reflects their values. And this (the Walk) provides an outlet for that – to show the world that this is what you care about, to share it with others and to exercise leadership in helping to make good things happen,” says Gent in a video outlining the Walk’s workplace impact.

Alyssa Barry, senior associate at Sandpiper Group, confirms the benefits that she and her fellow workers have seen since taking part in the Walk.

“By participating as part of a corporate team, I believe there is a lot of opportunities to spend time outside of the workplace with your colleagues and to be a part of the culture of your organization. As a corporate team, you are really contributing to a global cause and together, acting as global citizens,” says Barry in her own testimonial video.

Workplace teams who want to bring their energy to the May 28 event have an entire World Partnership Walk workplace tool kit at their disposal. Featured on the AKFC website, the kit includes everything from a team captain guide to Facebook and Twitter cover photos and even a Lunch-and-Learn PowerPoint. All of the tools are designed with shareability in mind, are easily downloadable, and ready for immediate use. Find them all at:

The World Partnership Walk takes place in 10 cities across Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. An initiative of AKFC, the Walk is a national campaign that requires the talent and dedication of thousands of volunteers and sponsors.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is an international development organization, working in Africa and Asia to find sustainable solutions to the complex problems of global poverty. Our programs seek to improve living conditions for people regardless of their faith or origin; and to create opportunities for both women and men. Established in 1980, AKFC is a registered Canadian charity and an agency of the worldwide Aga Khan Development Network.

For Canada’s 150th anniversary we invite Vancouverites to celebrate the longstanding tradition of Canadians’ generosity by stepping forward to join the 2017 World Partnership Walk. Sign up online as individual fundraisers or as a team with your friends, family or colleagues to make an even bigger difference in the world – and celebrate all the ways that make us Canadian. Visit: to find out more and register today!

When: 10am Sunday May 28, 2017
Where: Lumbermen’s Arch, Stanley Park
What: World Partnership Walk, Vancouver

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