Abby Gets New Courthouse

Abbotsford – The Province and City of Abbotsford are moving forward with the development of a new Abbotsford courthouse that will create new jobs, increase access to justice and build a brighter future for British Columbia. The new courthouse will…

Just Who Won Abbotsford Homeless Court Case?

Abbotsford – Both sides in the dispute over where Abbotsford homeless can pitch a tent, are claiming victory, however the bottom line is that the City will have to fork over some $300,000 in court costs. All this started two…

Abbotsford Food Trucks Stalled In Legal Limbo

Abbotsford/Vancouver (Star FM) – Food trucks are a common sight in Vancouver, but here in Abbotsford you pretty much only see them at festivals and special events, making it tough for businesses to make a full time go of it….