Chilliwack School Trustee Goes After DPAC Chair

Chilliwack – 2018 is barely underway but the controversy that swirls around embattled Chiliwack School Trustee Barry Neufeld continues. Neufeld is now calling for action against Justine Hodge, the chair of the District Parent Advisory Council. Neufeld used his private…

Facebook – Service Is Down Worldwide

Fraser Valley/World – So if you are trying to log onto Facebook and can’t, the correct answer is — yes there is a problem. Many who attempted to go onto the site were shown a blank page, with nothing loading….

Abbotsford Woman To Pay $65K Fine For Facebook Comments

Abbotsford (With files from 24 Hours) -It has been said, “watch what you post on social media, it could come back to bite you”. In this case, it did. An Abbotsford woman’s Facebook posts about her next-door neighbour have cost…

Terry Fox Run September 20 – Video Tribute

Chilliwack, BC – Chantele Delaine McGuire, also known as Soulful Views on Facebook, posted a video on the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Run. “With just 20 days left until the 35th Annual Terry Fox Run, I was…

Facebook Amber Alerts System Launches In Canada

Chilliwack/Abbotsford/Vancouver/Toronto  (CTV News) – Starting Monday, Facebook users across Canada will get Amber Alert notices right in their social network newsfeeds, as part of a new program that aims to leverage the social network’s reach to quickly locate missing children….

What To Post And What NOT To Post To Facebook

Vancouver – From Rebecca Coleman BCIT Social Media Instructor/Coach – Ah, Facebook. Both the #1 social network and the biggest pain in Marketer’s butts. It really has become that “can’t live with it, can’t live without it” social media tool….