Brian VanGarderen – Running for Chilliwack School Trustee

Brian VanGarderen

Chilliwack – The fourth and final candidate for Chilliwack School Board’s By-Election of February 13 is Brian VanGarderen. (Adam Suleman, Richard Procee and Dr. Carin Bondar are the other candidates)

There is little on social media about him, however he told FVN that while he does not have a website (he does have a dormant Twitter and Linked In account) he will be doing his community reach out through Facebook.

From his statement on Friday night:

I have a deep affiliation to this city and fond memories of my time spent doing different activities. I often attended the local YMCA with my mother and obtained my first job there as a swim instructor. As a youth, I was also involved with the local summer swim club, the Chilliwack Stingrays, and many other community events. My grandparent’s farm was located on Yale Road and I loved visiting them as well as and attending the Chilliwack Fair in the summer.

In 2017, I moved back to Chilliwack after obtaining my B.A. in History and Education from The Kings University. After finding a place to live with my wife in Chilliwack, my daughter was born in March 2020. Knowing my daughter will be attending school in Chilliwack, I want to become involved in the community and help shape the future of education for all students in Chilliwack.

I have a strong belief in the public education system. It is a system I currently work in (in Abbotsford via Edmonton) and have current knowledge of the challenges parents and educators face on a daily basis. I believe it is important to have an unbiased, supportive, equitable, and strong school system because that is the foundation of a strong community. All students in the education system have the right to access an inclusive, supportive, and equitable learning environment.

As an educator, I strive to meet these expectations daily by supporting students who have exceptionalities and incredible potential. In my career, I have been a Learning Support Services teacher in multiple schools with a wide range of exceptionality students and currently work at the district level supporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, I have worked with students with exceptionalities in the community and volunteered for the Autism Society. I see the impacts of decisions on our students, and remain an advocate for equitable access to a quality education that I know Chilliwack can provide.

Our students deserve the very best in the school system and, as a community, we need to make sure that message is very clear. I believe in our students; they belong in our school system and they deserve a great education. As a School Board Trustee, I will work hard to ensure that happens.

Brian VanGarderen/Facebook

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  1. Dean Roosevelt | January 8, 2021 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    As a son of a teacher who was a Chilliwack Woman Of The Year, Madeline Steinhauer, I welcome his entry into the race.

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