Op/Ed – Chilliwack Teachers Association Responds To Barry Neufeld’s “R” Word Comments

Chilliwack – Re: #ThisIsMyChilliwack: Teachers again highlight positivity and caring in local schools and Chilliwack School Trustee Barry Neufeld’s use of the “r” word regarding the Newspaper reporters:

There is no place in public schools for language that is offensive, outdated, insensitive and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding and respect for students and families. Hurtful slurs have no place in the inclusive classrooms of today or in a respectful and caring learning community. Our entire school community needs to support the safety and education of all Chilliwack students. Public schools in BC open their doors to all students.

The Chilliwack Teachers’ Association strives to make sure our schools are safe, inclusive, and welcoming for all children, youth, and families.
Unfortunately, this is not the first time that harmful comments have reflected negatively on the Chilliwack school community. In response, Chilliwack teachers have restarted a social media campaign to shine the spotlight on the caring and creative ways that teachers, students, parents, and staff are responding to the stresses and anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic and the prejudices it has exposed.“In these difficult times, Chilliwack teachers continue to do amazing work every day,” said Chilliwack Teachers’ Association President, Ed Klettke. “We love our community and we love teaching. We care about our students and families.” The CTA is encouraging members of the Chilliwack education community to take to Twitter and Facebook to share their experiences of respect, inclusivity and positivity in our schools. “We’re asking people to include the hashtag #ThisIsMyChilliwack.”The campaign is aimed to illustratehow the education community in Chilliwack rises above the negativity and prejudice that has been recently expressed on Facebook and in local media. 

All the best,

Ed Klettke
Chilliwack Teachers’ Association

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