GoFundMe for Aldergrove’s Daisy the Llama – Needs Surgery

Daisy Courtesy Kensington Prairie Farm/GoFundMe

Aldergrove – Wondering how to help someone or some animal for Christmas? It’s a strange time considering the pandemic.

How about a Llama that needs dental surgery?

Catherine Simpson, owner of Kensington Prairie Farm in Aldergrove, received a call from the BCSPCA about a 15-year-old llama named Daisy who has been suffering from an untreated tooth abscess since March. 

When she went to get Daisy from a local farm, she found her scared, malnourished and living in terrible conditions.

She took Daisy to the vet and discovered that an infection in her tooth had caused not only the abscess, but a crack in the bone structure of her face and that Daisy must be in incredible pain. Daisy is currently on antibiotics and will need surgery soon. 

Kensington Prairie Farm has started a fundraiser to help with Daisy’s life-saving surgery and her long road to recovery, and donations are needed.

To view the GoFundMe, please visit: https://ca.gf.me/v/c/rlsm/xs9cdv-dollars-for-daisy

Daisy Courtesy Kensington Prairie Farm/GoFundMe

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