Mission Public Schools: Clarke Theatre Agreement

Clarke Theatre Mission

Mission — The District of Mission and Mission Public Schools are in the process of developing a new relationship agreement for the Clarke Theatre that would see the District of Mission undertake community programming starting in 2021. This new agreement marks the first substantial change to an agreement that has been in place since 2002.

The Clarke Theatre was built in Heritage Park Centre with community funding in 1996 and has operated under many different models. Since the theatre opened in 1997, the District of Mission has provided some financial support for the Clarke Theatre, however, the School District has largely funded the bulk of the ongoing operation. The School District had determined that the majority of the Theatre usage is community-based and this has been the basis for the agreement discussions with the District of Mission over the past few years.

Under the new agreement, the School District will continue to use the Theatre for school activities and programs and the District of Mission will assume responsibility for community-based activities and programs.

The new agreement is expected to be finalized this fall and could be operational early in the new year. Further details around the finalized agreement will be provided once they are available.

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