Cultus Lake Bouy Fees Balloon to $500 a Year – Sparks On Line Concern

Cultus Lake – In what has become a hot button issue over bouy fees at Cultus Lake, the Cultus Lake Community Association and in particular, Neil McKenzie commented on the sharp rise in those fees.

If you are concerned about the massive increase in buoy fees, please email to discuss meeting to generate solutions.
This year the rental fees on buoys has increased 100 times greater than allowed rental increases. (In 2020 the allowed increase was 2.6%.) We are now expected to pay 3.3 times what we paid in 2020 to be able to use the same buoy in 2021.

Many on the Facebook thread are divided, either support the rise to curtail the flood of boaters — or to complain that the rates are too high.

Boat traffic became a major concern this summer, including a rise in accidents.

FVN reached out to the Cultus Lake Park Board and Joe Lamb told FVN that almost half of the $500 fee goes back into local projects ie maintenance of the docks and aging pylons. The other half goes to administration.

All of that was recently passed in the Cultus Lake Park budget.

Cultus Lake Park Board does not receive the type of Provincial and Federal Funding as other “resort communities” such as Whistler etc.

They have aging infrastructure that has to be kept up. Internal fees is the most likely way to pay for these projects. Lamb was blunt in wondering aloud, if the Province would increase their funding.

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