A Bridge to Better Living Society Working With Canada Summer Jobs Program

Fraser Valley – The Canada Summer Jobs program, aimed at youth ages 15 to 30, is a valuable program to A Bridge to Better Living Society as a non-profit.

It allows them to accomplish a few things. First, it gives them another opportunity to provide employment and skills training to a group (youth) that may find it hard to get job experience or even work placement. They are also able to teach youth more about the non-profit world and give them an experience that could motivate them to go into non-profit work themselves. They are subsidized positions through Employment and Social Development Canada, which has been a really great program for the past several years we have been part of it. Additionally, it is a program that will be very valuable to youth, especially students, during the summer period given the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased need for some form of employment due to a lot of typical projects that would support students financially not being able to proceed this year.

For more information, email Bridge9100@outlook.com

The program this year has also been slightly modified as a result of Covid-19. Usually, the positions need to be finished by the end of August. However, they have changed it to have an end date of February 2021, so it would allow youth to work part time through the academic year under the funded positions.

This year , A Bridge to Better Living Society have four positions to fill that last 8 weeks. Three of them are in donation shipping and receiving. Essentially, we teach youth the donation acceptance process, product organization, and inventory management process. The last position is in social media management. The youth participant would be responsible for maintaining and making changes to our existing social media pages. Additionally, they would be responsible for helping construct an e-commerce portal for selling goods (largely furniture and vintage collectibles) online. Given the current Covid-19 pandemic, online sales have been a way for customers to still shop with us, while still feeling comfortable about being at home, and not out in public.

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